Peter’s choices

We spent another 4½ hours with the ophthalmologist. It is wet and classic type of macular degeneration meaning it is the most severe so now you know how to pray. My wife needs a miracle. We did not sleep last night so you can add that to your list also.

The team from Norman, Ok arrived today.

I spoke with the transition team tonight about professionalism and we need to love one another if we expect God to bless us with healings and finances.


Musical chairs
Musical chairs

Thee are many lessons we learn from the life of Peter.  We make a decision to either fish or follow. All throughout our lives we will be faced with world verses Spirit. Will I put the things of God ahead of the things I desire?

Peter had a choice between being an influence or being influenced. Just this morning I was reading where all the followers were leaving Jesus and so Christ asked the discipes “Will you leave Me also”? I believe that He is askingthat of us daily. It is so easy to go the world’s way. Are we going to lead people in the right direction? Or will the world lead us?

Perer also so was forced to make choices two or three times in the Gospels where he was fearful and had to choose between staying in fear or buckling up and being a spiritual man. Am I going to let fear lead me or am I going to let faith be my guide?

All of us have the choice of being passive with our testimonies or standing as powerful examples of what Christ can do with a Christian who is willing to do all that he is asked to do.