CNA is coming next week to take photographs of every child to see if they have a file on each child in their offices. They will inspect a couple of areas but not a full three days inspection. We will have the roof on the new dorm for the 15-20 younger boys and a number of the rooms in the dialysis unit tiled so we feel good about where we are.

My foot continued to hurt so I had another x-ray and it has a small break. Since it is a month old it is healing so I will just wear the boot for another month. We had two teenage girls break bones(wrist, ankle).

Dottie  rested well last night & is wearing sunglasses and a hat outside which is not her thing.

Visitor's painting Bubba and Sandra's house
Visitor’s painting Bubba and Sandra’s house

There is so much that I have learned over the years. Some of it I learned from books but most of it I learned by experience. I have learned in my own life that you can never fall so far from God that He gives up on. When I felt the Lord’s tug on my heart to enter the ministry I thought the first thing was to go to seminary. But during the night the Lord spoke and said, “You have been to the seminary.”

Confused I awakened and asked Him when did I go to seminary. His answer was “You have been to the seminary of suffering”  Have any of you been there? Have you ever ached so badly and so deeply that you felt  you would never be whole again?

Two diferent men in the Word show us the depth of God’s love and whether or not we can graduate from the seminary of suffering. First, there was Peter who denied the Lord and secondly there was Judas who denied the Lord. Yes, they both committed the exact same sin.

But Peter was forgiven and Judas was not. Why the difference?

The answer can be found in 2 Corinthians 7:10
“…godly grief PRODUCES A REPENTANCE that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief PRODUCES DEATH.”

The difference between Peter and Judas was the difference between Godly grief and worldly grief. You can feel bad for your sin but that sorrow is not going to get you your diploma. It is GODLY GRIEF that will bring you to the graduation ceremony. It is never how bad you feel is how miserable you are because you harmed the heart of Him Who loves you so dearly.