We had a two grandchildren graduate from high school today: Robert in Lafayette & Dana in Lake Charles.

Tim had another surgery on his knee.

Two of my high school classmates died today.

Larry helped me with the plumbing today. His last job! Teen girls helped me grout the new nathrooms.

Teen girls carrying a tree
Teen girls carrying a tree

Loving God will all of your heart means that you demonstrate that love. Then Jesus says we are to love God with all of our soul.

Your soul is the place of deciding. Jesus is saying we are to make decisions according to His Word and His will. You do not make decisions according to emotions. When you pray you need to listen so you can make decisions that honor Him.

Third we are to love God with all of our mind and that is where we do our thinking. What we think about the most is the real us. He wants us to think on Him. He wants our thoughts to be based upon Who He is.  He tells us in Philippians that we are to think on things that are pure, lovely, of good report, etc.

Finally Jesus says to love God with all our strength. WORK!! He gave you a body and expects you to use it. But the majority of Christians abuse their bodies. Energy is what God wants us to expend on Him and the labors available to us. God wants people of ACTION. Wasting the body God gave us is an error.

God wants us to love Him with everything we are and have.