A female fool

Jessie has been part of Casa for 5 years. She is dorm mother to the 11-13 year old girls as well as coordinator of visiting teams. She feels that God is calling her back to the USA but will stay through the year if we need her. So we now need another set of house parents and a team coordinator. I certainly hope that many of you are praying for our needs.

The team from Rockingham, NC arrived.

Baby dedication
Baby dedication

Ahab was married to a wicked and devious woman so I suppose I could add him to our list of fools. But today I will speak of his wife, Jezebel. What a woman! She was not a Jew so her marriage to Ahab just emphasized the foolishness of Ahab and his choice as a life’s mate. Two fools don’t make a right!

She died when she was thrown from a window by her own guards. Dogs ate her bones. Birds had already eaten her flesh. The reason she is in this list of fools is because she had an innocent man killed just so her husband could own a small piece of land. Then she hounded the prophet Elijah.

A fool is one who never repents. Someone who can never say they were wrong or that they are the cause of problems affecting other people is a fool. She ignored God’s power after the prophet demonstrated that power against her own satanic clan of false prophets.

When we cannot admit our mistakes nor assume responsibility for our own mistakes we surely have just hung our portraits on God’s wall of shame.