Sebastian met with Dr. Lou and we are now compiling a list of the supplies and equipment we will need for dialysis. So I feel good!

You will not believe how much work was exerted by the NC team & our teen boys to get that building torn down.

Dottie's fountain
Dottie’s fountain


Last night I shared stories with the older girls which they love. In Matthew 1 we have a geneology of Jesus and there it mentions 5 women.

The first is Thamar mentioned in verse 3. Her story is found in Genesis 38:1-30 – She was the incestuous daughter in law of Judah. Thamar was also a Canaanite, hence a Gentile. Two extreme negatives to the Jewish world.

Then in verse 5 we read of Rahab (Joshua 2:1-24) Rahab was a Gentile, a Prostitute, and the member of a doomed race! My goodness this woman had three-strikes against her! Why would God use her?

In verse 5 we read of the name of Ruth who even had a book that bears her name. Ruth was a Moabitess, a Gentile. She was the poor widow of an Israelite, she was moral and upright. She was of a faithful character and a kind spirit. She was also a believer in the God of Israel.

All of us are familiar with Bathsheba(verse 6) and her story is in 2 Samuel 11. Bathsheba was the adulterous wife of a Gentile man named Uriah. She committed adultery on her husband while he was away at war, became pregnant as a result of the affair, and did not tell him what had happened. She was probably aware of her lover’s plans to murder her husband to cover up the sin, and did nothing to stop it.

In verse16 we have the name of Mary whom we know was the mother of Jesus. Read Luke 1:26-38. Mary was a young, pure Israelite girl. She was evidently very religious and was willing to yield her life and her reputation to the hand of a God.

When I look at my girls here at Casa I imagine that I am looking at the future hearts, arms and hands of God Himself. Aren’t you glad that God listed those 5 women in the geneology? He can and will use anyone who accepts His call on their life.