Keiser’s mom was a match for a kidney but yesterday informed Dr. Lou that she was pregnant. This is so disappointing as he is not in the best of health and there are no other family members. He needs a miracle.

Dr. Toups from Texas was here all day examining eyes as he does yearly. Just another of Go’s blessings to us.


The dictionary says, “Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest.”

When disappointments come into our lives it i a time for rededication. The circumstances of life can so defeat us that we need to start anew. I have to renew my hope and increase my prayer life and build my faith to battle this attack against Keiser.

Also I have to do what is right. I must continue to receive children with those needs. So our doors are open for children who are abused and abandoned as they always have been. I pray the Lord will send us children who need kidney transplants, have had transplants or who have little hope of a transplant.

We have to rise above the disappointments and continue to press on. It is better to begin small then to never begin at all. Disappointments are part of life. I had the best night’s sleep in many months and awoken to the text from the hospital about Keiser. But we will continue.