Shield of Faith

Bubba & Sandra said that their little Antony is bleeding again. That child has experienced so much pain. Please make him a matter of your prayer life.

Sebastian informed me we received a family of one girl and 3 boys. He also said he was doing fine. Tim sent photos of all that isbeing done which means when Dottie & I return so much will have been accomplished by the Oklahoma and West Virginia teams.

We are in Norman. Ok.

Oklahoma destroyed my Brney dorm. RIP old frind
Oklahoma destroyed my Barney dorm. RIP old friend
Thanks guys
Thanks guys


Roman soldiers were very disciplined and marched in such a way that when burning spears and arrows came towards them they formed a “turtle”. They used their shields to form a wall as well as a covering. Satan loves to throw flaming darts at we Christians. The reason for throwing the flaming spears was not to kill but they were thrown to incapacitate and cause divisions and confusion among the soldiers.

Satan loves to split churches, break marriages apart and keep Christians divided. When those you love and depend on depart or desert from you that breaks your heart. It brings anxiousness and discouragement. We need others to stand with us. Fighting enemies all by yourself is seldom going to bring victory.

Now I want you to think with me about something I believe about this verse. Shield of FAITH is not MY faith it is God’s FAITHFULNESS. It is God Who stands by me and will never leave me nor forsake me. He is my shield. Folks it is not YOUR FAITH but His FAITHFULNESS.

Read tomoorw’s lesson.