Works and Faith

With the rise in expenses and the income staying the same we are at a place where we need a miracle again. I never ask those who give to give more. I ask that those who give to pray for others to catch the vision and begin to give. Everyone is struggling in this economical climate so I know and appreciate the sacrifice our supporters make.

Sandra, Bubba’s wife, begins her internship as a clinical psychologist next year. Her lowest grade in all of these years was an 84.Her average is well over 90.

Playing together
Playing together


I am constantly reminded of my need to “do something”. When Debbie told me yesterday that the finances were low I wanted to “do something”. I wanted to fix it. I wanted a plan to make things better. At the same time I was dealing with a teenage girl who has physically harmed herself and has brought us all to deep concern for her safety and the safety of others. In fact, we were trying to get her down from the roof when Debbie emailed me about the finances.

Also literally from 8:30am until 7:30pm Sebastian and Lily were dealing with a delicate issue with two different judges in two different cities. It was a critical issue and will affect the two boys for life.

Now I am sure none you have ever wished that you could just “fix” your problem. Maybe you have tried to sprinkle magic dust and your problems disappeared.

James tells us three imps in his book that “Faith without works is dead”. So being a believer and having faith does not mean I do nothing. The first thing I did was prayed. Not about the money problem but for the 3 teenagers in trouble. I prayed for their salvation and for them to make wise decisions. I prayed they would be filled with the Spirit and the Love of our Father. I prayed that Sebastian and the team including the judges would have wisdom and hear His voice.

Then I did pray for the finances. All of this is the “faith” part. But then I puled out my ledgers and looked at how the money was spent this past year. Had I been wasteful? Had I become lax? Were there people who quit supporting Casa this past year? I could go on with other things I did. This is the “Works” part.

You see if we are to be instruments of God we have to balance faith and works. I could never work hard enough to raise enough money for all of the needs at Casa. Neither can I sit in my closet and pray for a financial miracle without doing my part. Physically it is difficult since my back hurts 24 hours a day. But I can still teach the children. I can still go to dorms and converse with them. I can still be there for them even if I cannot carry them as I once did.

God will bring us through this situation. He is faithful and He works on our behalf. I need to be faithful and work at what labors He has given me.