The work done today was awesome! Brandi worked so hard with her girls cleaning the two new living areas while the boys who live in my house put on the first coat of paint in the new visitor’s dorm. Chad and Adam installed the hot water in the old kitchen so we are in good shape even with the holidays in full swing.

Jacob & I met with the Municipality & then the lawyer & we should be finished ned week. Then you will not believe the story I will share with you.

The boys who live in our home painting the visitor's dorm
The boys who live in our home painting the visitor’s dorm


When someone has been in charge of a ministry as long as I have invariably there are many who do not agree with the decisions I make. But that is where flexibility enters the picture. Flexibility is the ability to respect authority.

Change is one of the most common and valuable experiences anyone will ever have. It is also the most common activity that is resisted. We get comfortable and change takes us out of that comfort zone. With all of the changes we are making some of the children will be uncomfortable and some of the adults will be insecure also.

But life is all about being flexible to change. I remember the day Dottie, 5 months pregnant, and I left Bunkie after telling my parents we were moving to California where I had been offered a job. My father stood in the road until we were totally out of sight. I had that imagine in my mind for hours as we drove west.

But had we not made that change from Louisiana to California and our first child not been born there and died we would never had come back to Arkansas for a funeral. At the funeral were 3 professors from NSU that asked me to join the faculty. If not for that job I would not have worked at Pinecrest and without Dr. Dayan at Pinecrest getting ill there would have been no University of Florida and no adoption of Tony and………………

You get the idea I hope! Not all change is fun at the time.But being flexible leads to miracles!!!