I didn’t feel like running

Keren has been here a year since her transplant and the judge is sending her home. The mother says they will do all they can to keep her healthy.

Wilbur & Rosario will have a special wedding here on November 29th because she is using the children in dialysis as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Can you imagine how sweet this will be. I wish all of you could be here to see this wedding.

Karen with her sister who donated the kidney to her. Her mother is with them.
Karen with her sister who donated the kidney to her. Her mother is with them.


Did you ever go to a track meet and a relay team was prepared to run the most important race of their lives? Maybe an Olympic ‘s final? I have seen races all my life because I love track and field but I have never seen a relay team hand the baton from the first to the second runner and then to the third runner and finally to the last runner and that runner simply walk off the field only to be questioned are you hurt and he simply answers “No I am ok, I just did not feel like running?

Paul wrote in the Epistles that Christians were running a race? He does speak of Christians stopping short of the goal. You and I must run the race all the way to the end. We are not what we should be as of right now. We are running to become what we should be. I must keep running in order to learn and in order to grow.

  1. Maximum effort is required.
  2. I must focus.
  3. I must forget the past.
  4. I must each for the goal.

Christlikeness is our goal isn’t it? Not only the goal but becoming more like Christ is the prize. Finish well! But to finish well you must run with all of your heart expecting to hit the tape which reads “Well done thou good and faithful servants”. It does not matter how you feel. It only matters that you keep running.