Happy or Joyful?

.That white item is a water balloon Dottie tossed in the 'battleship game' with Vencedores.                                                                                                   That white item is a water balloon Dottie tossed in the ‘battleship game’ with Vencedores.

The weather is not as rainy as the last few months so we are approaching the trusses and roof being placed on the dialysis unit soon.

35 of our girls went to the white house for food & games with Teddie’s team.


As you know a few days ago a number of terrorist cells killed hundreds of innocent people. Today we were told that the mastermind of those attacks was killed. When these things happen I am so unhappy when innocent people die and then I am so happy when I hear the bad guys were caught.

The Bible tells me that God is not pleased with the death of the wicked. I have to admit I felt happy when I heard the mastermind of the Paris attacks was killed. But happiness will last a short time as we end the last days of human history. There will be less things to truly be happy about.

If we, as Christians, do not grasp JOYFULNESS our last days will not be very happy at all. Joy is a choice. When another human being dies God is not pleased. He is not happy at all. Hell was created for Satan and his fallen angels and not for man. Men who go to hell are people for whom Jesus suffered and died and has been rejected by those people.

No one gets sent to hell by the will of God. Every man, woman and child has the choice of heaven or hell. With all of the rhetoric by “experts” in political parties, business community or news analyst have I heard we are in a spiritual war. I wonder what would happen if all Christians praised and worshipped Jesus as much as the non- believers worship their god.

It is obvious to me that since these terrorists have attacked the USA  (9-11); bombing in Beirut, France, the Russian airplane and recently the beheading of the Chinese gentleman there is a move by terrorists to push the world into a corner and all weapons aimed at the Middle East. They are giving us a common enemy. Why do they want us in agreement against them? They want a world war.

But God is in control and orchestrating His will. Nothing will happen to surprise God nor will the end come until Jesus comes through the clouds. What God tells us is that we are to pray for our government. We need to do it. That will bring out the differences between happiness and joy.