The trip home was long but fine. Gretchen returned with us for a 3 week stay to see if she is hearing God’s voice instructing her to come full-time.

Larry & Sue stayed in our house with our 9 children & they seem to have survived. They are such a blessing.

The construction looks great with teams having done a wonderful job the last month on both the Genesis house and the new visitor’s dorm.

Isn't this beautiful?
Isn’t this beautiful?


Psalm 63:3 “Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you”.

The love of God is better than life itself. There is not anything in this world which can make life worth living without Jesus.

As I move towards transitioning I find myself praying more and more for two manifestations. I pray that our staff and our children would love one another. Without the love of God trying to make changes in any area of life causes debates and strife. So I pray for this love of God to be shown towards one another.

Secondly, I pray that we all would have as our goal to bring peace into each and every situation. The devil loves war. Jesus is peace. Fighting means there is no Jesus. Back-biting, anger, gossip and resistance will bring war. But if we each look at the other person as more important than ourselves we will reign victorious.