Last night! Had our teeth cleaned. Mark & Gina opened their home for us for days & Tim has done our dental work for years so we are blessed with great friends wanting to help us to help the children.

Tim sent a photograph of an accident between a truck & a bus making the same u-turn at the same intersection as Ani’s accident. The government needs to close that opening. No one killed!

Mudslide death total at 161.


I suppose that if you asked me what did I consider the most important aspect and the foundation of my being able to transition from all of these years as “Papi” to where I feel comfortable with Sebastian, Josue, Billy and the other young people who will replace me and continue the ministry the answer would without a doubt be that OUR STAFF LOVES EACH AND EVERY CHILD AND THE CHILDREN WHO ARE GIVEN THESE MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES WOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND RESPECT ONE ANOTHER AND DESIRE TO SEE EVERY CHILD COME TO CHRIST.

When life is over and we stand before Jesus, the Father and Holy spirit the question will not be “How much money did you give?” or “How many children came to Casa?” or “How much time of your life did you give to the ministry?”. God will not be concerned about whether we built a hospital or cared for 1000’s of children. The numbers of children who received a high school education or a college diploma will not be important to God.

There will be only one question. “Did you love the children and one another enough to tell them about Jesus and pray for their eternal soul?” ┬áThis is where I am right now. I am looking to see if there is that kind of compassion and hunger for the souls of the children and other. If we do not have AGAPE we have nothing.

Pray that Casa will see and experience this type of AGAPE love and this type of AGAPE respect for each other. Do we show love to our visitors, the court officials and those we come across daily? That is what I am looking for when I say, “Transition”.