Dottie had a hearing exam today with Dr. Keith, long time supporter of Casa, and she has a hearing loss. For months she told me I did not respond to her questions & I have been saying that she does not listen. Now we know why.

We have not had but one response to our visit to the states in February so would you please pray about that. The more we can spread the word about the children the more children we will be able to receive. Pray that your pastor’s heart would be opened to having us in February/early March.

The Oklahoma team has a number of electricians on it. PTL!!

These old people are on the way home to Casa.
These old people are on the way home to Casa.


Adam was created by God for fellowship with Him. He filled his life with perfectness. Everything was good. But there was a missing part and God went to work and created a match literally made in Heaven. Adam and eve had truly been made for one another.

However the perfect love story became a human tragedy beyond measure when this bride was seduced by another. Her eyes were captured by Satan and his ability to woo her brought about the collapse of a the first marriage as well as the fall of all mankind.

Why didn’t Eve go running immediately when the devil showed up? Where was Adam when this seducer was trying to take his bride away from him? Adam, like too mane men, wilted at the sight of the seducer. He did not know how to protect his wife. He watched her commit emotional and spiritual suicide. The Bible said she gave him the fruit because he was there also.

I am sure he enjoyed the sex and the walks in the garden and the conversations that he had with his new wide. I am sure that Eve looked at Adam, the perfect man, as the hunk of all hunks. But something was missing and the marriage was crushed by a lying seducer.

Adam did not defend his wife and he did not obey God. Without that AGAPE love for God, of God and from God we cannot depend on the natural love, eros or phileo, hold us together. When the seducer comes for your children or your spouse you had better have your funds loaded with AGAPE.