The bigger they are

Fayette First Baptist is building a new building & they have grown. We enjoyed the ministries at Fayette First Baptist as well as Collierville First Baptist & are headed to Little Rock for a Monday noon gathering of our Board. Both congregations seemed to appreciate what Christ has done for Casa. We are blessed.


When Joshua looked at Jericho it must have been the largest walled city he had ever seen. Sometimes you and I feel as though the problem before us is not only the largest of our lives but possibly the largest problem ever known.

So what plan did Joshua have? Did he draw up a plan to get someone into the city to open the doors from the inside? Did he gather a large army to storm the walls? No, he looked up! I remember when our dialysis child, Sergio, died and I was holding him in the hospital and asking him about his relationship with Jesus he said to me “Daddy I am going UP”.

That is what Joshua did. He looked up. We need to look up. Our salvation will never come because of our natural talents or wisdom or strength. Our only hope is to look UP! That is where the Lord is so there also is our help for whom we cry out.

Jericho was a strong hold just like you and I have strong holds in our lives. We fear and we doubt and we worry and we scramble and we try to figure out a way to destroy our Jericho. But until we look up we will never “see” the salvation of our Father. The walls that surround you will truly come down once you gaze in the right direction. Do not look at the walls but look to the Lord.