Brandi returned from her stay in the states and she was so blessed to discover that her dorm, college girls, did not have even one problem when she was gone. She is doing a great job with them.

Pastor Yu, Korean church, and 20 members came to spend the day and bless the kids with a meal.

CJ and his plumbing team worked so hard but due to torrential rains all week were able to only complete the first floor of the new dialysis complex. I am grateful for the love of those with skills who give their expertise to bless our children. Mud slides are occurring in many areas of Guatemala.

Do not forget we will be coming to the USA in February and would love to share with your church. Please contact Debbie in Lake Charles to make the arrangements. phone number = 337 855 1286.

Older girls helping clean hair of younger girls. This is one reason Casa is special.
Older girls helping clean hair of younger girls. This is one reason Casa is special.


Agape love is what defines our Heavenly Father. But the opposite of that is what we refer to as eros. Eros is a love that wants to control, dominate, possess and acquire. It exists solely for the purpose of self-satisfaction. It has been described as the mother of all sins. We become the only object of this love. It seeks its own. It lives for itself.

The purpose of eros is to meet its own needs.You and I can easily understand eros. It is SELFISHESS. It is lust but not necessarily sexual lust. Eros can be a lust for fame, for food, for exercise & a shapely body or lust for what another person owns. Eros is just selfish lust. It is physically motivated. It cares little about the person it uses or the condition it leaves someone after it passes through.

So many of my children have been used by their parents. There is the eros love of sexual lust leading to incest, rape and sexual abuse. There is the eros love of forcing a child to work rather than study. It is a lust that is self-serving and cares little about what harm it does to others. Eros love can split churches with selfishness and refusal to compromise. Eros love also can destroy a marriage but it sees itself as the only vote.

Eros love is never concerned about the salvation of others nor the example it leaves by the actions taken. ¬†When I first began pastoring I was amazed at how many people I would visit in our community who said “I know so and so in your church and I will need go there. They stole..lied…cheated…etc”. This is eros!