Hot dogs or pizza anyone?

The W. Virginia team is cooking hot dogs for everyone this week and the N. Carolina team is giving the kids pizza. I will have to recheck sizes before giving the Christmas clothes.

The service tonight at Crosspoint was well received. Picked up 7 sponsors for new children. Had coffee with Josh & Carla so caught up with the news.


Dottie and I travel with a GPS so that we know the distance and direction of where we are going. I wish it were that simple with knowing where God is taking you. He has given me the Bible, the Holy Spirit and Christian counselors to help me get where He wants me to go.

I cannot see where I am going but God sees. He knows the end from the beginning whereas I know only where I have been. It takes a new mind (a renewed mind) to see where God is going and how you are to follow me. Jesus said to His disciples, “Follow me and I will MAKE you fishers of men”. I believe that God says, “Follow me and I will MAKE”.

You see he is still working on me and working on you. ┬áHe is MAKING something. We live in spiritual darkness so we have to depend upon His light to know where to go and what to do. Romans 12:2 says, “Renew your mind and you will prove what is the acceptable, good and perfect will of God.”

It may not seem or feel as though it is GOOD but the renewed mind knows that wherever God leads me He will keep me. Sustain me! Protect me! God don’t do no and stuff!!