I shall return

Add 1st Baptist Colliersville, Tn. 6pm on September 20th to our schedule.

It has taken awhile but we have the Mechanical Cow coming. So we will convert the boy’s university dorm into milk production.

Miguel my surgeon came with Don who is also a surgeon & we are looking into working with them. f you are on Pay Pal with Casa you need to understand that it elapses after 12 months so you have to sign up again.



Often I tell people and even the teenagers at Casa that I am the richest and most blessed person that they will ever meet. To have been given an assignment from God 27 years ago to “just love the children” was beyond my wildest dreams. Who gets to love kids as a vocation?

Jesus said if we would love them He would feed them, clothe them, educate them, etc. Decision is at the core of responsibility. I have to be responsible to receive the decision, perform the decision and answer for my decisions.

Years ago Dottie and I along with our 5 children living with us here in Guatemala were preparing for our first trip back to the states. A 7 year old boy cam to see me and he was crying and he said, “Papi, are you coming back?”

It was then at that precise moment I had to look within my heart and decide if I were going to stay faithful to the call God had made on my life. That boy has long ago left Casa, married and had children  of his own but what I said to him those many years ago still are true.

I told him that I would ALWAYS come back to Casa every time I went back to the states to visit family and friends. A decision like that requires much responsibility.