I am accused of……..

Today was my best day of the last month. I taught on the 3rd way we know that we are truly born again. I am going to run my race to the end with obedience, faith & sacrifice.

Sindy 1
Sindy 1

It is strange that so many people over the years have said that I have too much mercy. They say I am too tolerant and that if it were up to them they would have kicked certain kids out of Casa many years ago. I believe too many people have little tolerance for others. Tolerance is the realization that EVERYONE is not at the same level of development and we need to hang in there with mercy and patience.

Tolerance is a latin word meaning “to bear”. All relationships have stress and difficulties. Christians need to realize that we release all bigotry and jealousy and of all things– selfishness.

I have yet to meet the perfect person and never have I looked into a mirror and seen the perfect man either. I have so many faults and have failed so miserably in areas like fatherhood, ministry, marriage and other things.

The sin of many Christians is prejudice. We so love to judge others and make judgments. Criticism is a quality of far too many people who many times have very little knowledge of the truth.