The children from dialysis came & presented Dottie with one beautiful pink rose for Mother’s Day. An awesome moment! Then the baby dorm followed by other dorms cmd with flowers, etc.

Dottie & I will be in Patterson & Bunkie,La.  Sunday September 13th and in Summerville & Collierville, TN Sunday September 20th but have nothing scheduled for any Wednesday evening or the weekends of Sept 27 or October 4th. Please contact Debbie ay 337 855 1286 if you can help fill our schedule.

The mayor came during Bible with cakes for all of the mothers. It is an election year!

Gigi took the little girls to the zoo in the afternoon.

The dialysis girls with "Mother"
The dialysis girls with “Mother”


Anxiety is intense fear. It can be chronic. It can make you sick; keep you bed ridden; destroy relations as well as have many other negative affects. Anxiety & fear desire to reside in our minds. David wrote in Psalms 56:3 “WHEN I am afraid I will trust in you”. God knows that we will all experience fear or doubts. God is aware this is a powerful weapon of the devil and his imps.

The first of the five times I have been robbed at gunpoint I literally felt so fearful that my knees buckled. One gun was in may face & another man had a gun on Dottie. I froze! I did not sleep for 2 weeks. The thought that one shot would take my wife away forever overwhelmed my mind. I hugged Dottie tighter from then on. I thank God for each day I awaken with her at my side.

Fear is unfair. It is a mist that you swing at but cannot hit. It haunts you during the day & causes you to toss and turn at night. It replays EVERY negative aspect of what-could-have-been.

How did God’s people handle, control and overcome their fear? I am writing to myself. It is my fears that I am fighting. God has the answer so we will seek it  in this blog the next few days. You can feel free to write what you feel will help me.