Past Failures

Brandi arrived today as the newest member of our staff. She is a nutritionist & chiropractor. My desire is for her to stay with the university girls. She has the heart and testimony to help them.

Billy had the first combined spiritual gathering for the school, teachers & staff. They are preparing for a weekend ‘retreat’ for the younger children in 2 weeks and then a ‘retreat’ at a campground for the older children later this year.

The Oklahoma team showed a movie to the children while I spoke to the Arkansas and Tennessee teams.


Choral group with guitar, violin & keyboard
Choral group with guitar, violin & keyboard


We need to arise from our past failures. I have already shared with you that I am attempting to let go & place the minister into the hands of faithful young men and women. A number of folks have asked me what happens if they fail. I can assure you they will fail. No one is successful 100% of the time. Can you imagine hearing the Gospel from Jesus Himself and walking away unconverted? That happened with the rich young ruler and others. I do not mean blasphemy but did Jesus fail as a soul winner?

No! He was faithful to try to win each and everyone to the Kingdom of God. But many rejected the message. Over the years I have seen children leave Casa without Christ and without the proper tools to succeed in life. I would cry and condemn myself. I felt as though I failed. If I would have loved them more or if I would have prayed for them more maybe they would have accepted the truth and stayed long enough to get saved and educated.

Eventually I came to understand that I had not failed even though it felt as though I did. The only question was “Did you obey God and do what He asked you to do in loving and teaching these children?” I feel as though I have loved each child. I feel as though I have taught the Word as simply and clearly as I can.

When God handed the baton from Moses to Joshua it required that Joshua realized that although an entire generation had died in the wilderness he had remained faithful That is all God asks of us.