Oseas & Heidy have purchased their own home. She takes her college finals in one month. He takes his law board exam in June. They are working in a church in Villa Nueva. I am proud of how they have succeeded.

Keiser had to have his catheter changed. Marjorie received a new catheter & returned last night. Elias who has had the transplant has developed a problem & the new kidney is functioning at 50% so he needs great prayer.

Our new physician. He works 12 hours on Saturday (if needed).
Our new physician. He works 12 hours on Saturday (if needed).



Yesterday I spoke of the best is yet to come but so many people do not approach life that way. Why? Some folks are just simply satisfied. They do not care if things change because what they have seems to be enough. When I was pastoring there was a period of time in Lake Charles where I was so comfortable with the ministry. I could have lived like that forever. It was my missionary trip to Guatemala that upset the applecart and made me realize there was more that I could do.

Some folks just live mediocre lives. Followers!

Others are insecure. They know there is more but their comfort is more important. Stepping out is nearly impossible because they have security.

There are other reasons such as fear, ignorance of just how wonderful stepping into the unknown with God could be or in some cases people are negative. They are certain that the best is not coming but the worst is coming. They expect the world will get worse and they wait for the end.

Jesus wants all of us to go beyond where we are. He wants all His children to make a difference in the world. You do not need to come to Guatemala or go to another foreign nation to make a difference.

Just get up, expect the nest and grab hold of what God has for you.