Passing The Baton


The walls are getting higher
The walls are getting higher

We drove to Beaumont to buy Spanish Christian books for Josue’, Esdras & Quique. Dottie had her hair cut and I shopped for books for myself as well.

Our board meeting starts today and I know that Mark, Wes, Melvin, Dottie, Debbie & I will attend. JW is trying to get loose but I know that both Malcolm and Thom have obligations. We will have a quorum though.



Many years ago our high school track relay team was favored to win the state championship. Running the finals at LSU was a dream come true. I ran the third leg & handed off to Clary who was so fast. Since we were a good 6 yard ahead the gold medal was ours….UNTIL..Clady grabbed his leg. He tore a muscle, rooled to the ground and I saw my medal rolling away.

As bad as that is I remember the 2000 Sydney Olympics where the USA girls 400 meters were favored easily. But they fumbled the handoff (relay) of the baton & finished 3rd. In 2004 the team again was the best in the world but they missed the handoff because the runner ran out of the box. Again the best team lost! In 2008 would you believe the world record holding USA  girls team DROPPED the baton and lost for the 3rd Olympics in a row.

Those teams were the BEST. They were the STRONGEST. They were the FASTEST. They all had the lead durning the race and yet they were all BEAT.

Any athlete can agree with Cristine Craine that (1) Having the runner does not necessarily allow us to win the race. (2) Having the fastt team does not mean we always win the race. (3) Having the most experienced or the most dedicated runner does not mean we will win the race. or (4) Having the reigning champion does not mean you will will the race.


Guess what I can say with Paul that I have run my race. How close I am to the finish line is yet to be determined but the truth is I am close to handing off the BATON. Everything about the future of CASA will depend on the HANDOFF.

Hang in there!!