“Papi, Can I Break the Chains?”

Elias had his kidney transplant
Elias had his kidney transplant


Remodeling the girl's dorm into a dorm for visitors.
Remodeling the girl’s dorm into a dorm for visitors.

Elias arrived today. He had a transplant, has been at Ronald McDonald House & now is ready for his life at Casa.

Our men are working hard to have the new visitor’s facilities by the time the large groups begin arriving at Casa.

Last night we were so tired & Gina was so kind to leave food for us that we celebrated our 52nd anniversary in pajamas sitting & reading & snacking. Today is DENTAL VISIT DAY with Dr Robinson. It went very well. In fact it was our best report in years.

This weekend we will be at Family Life in Lafayette in the morning where we will see three more of our daughters & their families. IN the evening we will be in Marksville at Abundant Life.



Sunday a teenage boy asked me the above questions. Is it possible to break the chains that have held us? You really only have two choices in life. Either you will accept things as they are or you will accept the responsibility to change them.

My life is not the result of what others did to me. It is not the result of the many circumstances that have surrounded me. The world loves to blame others. Even Adam and Eve blamed either the devil or one another or even God. “You …”   This gives others power over your life. You must ditch this type of thinking!

You can not allow people who hurt you, disappointed you or offended to control your thoughts. You are a rsult of what you thinks. Proverbs says that as we think we will be. This gives others power over your life. Quit rehearsing the past! Quit looking backwards!

We all have had more than our share of sadness, difficulties, disappointments and the like. I have offended others. I have harmed others. None of us have lived a guilt-free life! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I have learned that I must keep the call of my life the focus of my thoughts. I cannot undo the past and neither can you. Revenge is never sweet regardless of what others say. If you cannot live that way you will never break the chains.