Vocanic Ash
Vocanic Ash Volcan Picaya –12 miles away. This photo was taken from the highway between our home and Chimaltenango

The flights are now on schedule as the volcano has indeed quit erupting. There was lava flowing from it but not erupting into the areas surrounding it. It just spit and spewed ash and covered everything. The cars at Casa look as though we have a junk yard. But all is clear and safe.

We met with our lawyer who in turn took us to another attorney and we are unifying 14 pieces of property that we have purchased over the years so I can more easily pay taxes, write a will, etc.

We went to a hotel near the airport so we can be there at 4:30am. Tony drove us. Dottie forgot some things so Tony drove back to Casa & brought them to her. Larry & Sue are staying with Michelle & the kids in our house.


Maybe you herd the story of the little boy who had a sling shot & was visiting his grandmother’s farm. He walked until he was so tired & had not seen anything to shoot. On his way back to the farm house he saw his grandma’s duck and without thinking shot it. It died!

He was frightened so he hid the corpse of the duck only to see that his sister was watching him. She said nothing.

After dinner Grandma asked her to wash the dishes.  She answered “Bobby wants to wash them for me” and leaning towards Bobby she said “Remember the duck!”   He washed!

Later his sister was asked to sweep and she said to the grandmother “Oh Billy will sweep for me” and leaning over to Bobby she said “Remember the duck!”   He swept!!

In the evening the grandmother asked the girl if she would bathe her baby brother so she said “Oh Bobby wants to bathe him” and leaned again saying “Remember the duck”.  He bathed his baby brother.

The following day began in the same way with the grandmother asking the sister to do a chore and her offering Bobby to do it and saying “Remember the duck!”

It was more than he could take so he burst into tears and told his grandmother what happened to her duck. She held him and laughed a little and said “I knew what you did because I was in the window when you killed my duck. I just wanted to see how long you would allow your sister to keep you as a slave”.

I am guilty and I suppose many of you are too of allowing my past sins and mistakes enslave me and keep me from the joy of freedom. Satan enslaves us with memories.