Vencedores enjoying a pretty day
Vencedores enjoying a pretty day


I spent 6 hours studying the Book of Hosea as in a few weeks we will begin studying it in our seminary.

Brother Teddie, #1 Alabama fan on earth, invited the American staff for a turkey dinner in Chimaltenango. Lee fixed me dinner.

Marjorie is back in the hospital because her catheter is not working.

Today we began putting the roof on the large church we have constructed in Guatemala. It is two floors with a church on the first floor and the pastor’s living quarters and Sunday school classrooms on the second. It totals 6000 square feet.


It seems like we jump from one pressure to another. But as a Christian for over a half century I learned that Pressures are Inevitable. They are going to happen to all of us. Someone once said you are either coming out of a valley or in a valley or headed towards a valley.

Second, Pressures are unpredictable. There is no way to plan them or schedule them. They come unexpectedly and suddenly and absolutely blind-side you. ┬áJeremiah 4:20 “Disaster follows disaster… In an instant my tents are destroyed, my shelter falls in a moment.”

Third, Pressures are impartial. Even Dottie has pressure because no one can avoid at Casa the staff, the kids and the visitors face pressures daily.

Forth, Pressures are temporary. If all I can say is the first 3 points listed above then my life would be terrible. But thank God pressures do not last. They will come to an end. Each time I am faced with some pressure I simply say “This too will pass” and it does eventually.

Fifth, Pressures have a purpose. I can learn from them or I can be stupid and ignore the lesson. Pressures will cause you to grow if you allow them to. To quit because of pressure means you will never grow.