Rejection #2

Our "winners" with the Chinese Ambassador
Our “winners” with the Chinese Ambassador.


I had a fairly good day. Blood pressure stays high, body stays weak and my mind–well you know! I stayed in the Christmas bodega & made good progress. It will be better than I originally thought.


From my email responses today to last night’s lesson I discovered that I am not alone in feeling the sting of rejection. A husband was angry at something his wife did so he lashed out by saying “How can you be so beautiful and so stupid at the same time?” Her answer left him speechless “I am beautiful so you will love me and I am stupid so I can love you.”

The Apostle Pail says in II Corinthians 12:15 “Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved”. The reason he felt that way is as prevalent today as then for people in ministry or just plain parents. Our congregation or children feel that when we correct them, discipline them, warn them, etc we are rejected them. “But Daddy EVERYONE is going to the party!”

But, more than the above examples, is the Fear of Rejection which consumes so many people. They feel inadequate, unaccepted or that they have done something wrong. All of us desire approval even old codgers like me. Acceptance motivates all of us.

Here are the ONLY TWO things that I know for sure will destroy rejection as well as the fear of rejection. First, know who you are in Christ. Your identity is nit dependent on what people think about you. Second, give your life totally to fulfilling your destiny and purpose in life. I wish you could be here Sunday morning because that is exactly what I will be sharing with the teenagers and staff.

Jesus was TOTALLY rejected and, yet, He was TOTALLY consumed by the purpose for which His Father sent Him to earth. Can you say His approval means more to you than what the world thinks of you? Whom do you seek to please?