Our purpose #2

Marjorie & Sindy. You can see how Sindy is swelling.
Marjorie & Sindy. You can see how Sindy is swelling.

Sharon is no longer here and she will be missed. It appears she found a fella & has moved to the West. We wish her the best & since she plans on bringing teams we will see her each year.

Thanksgiving dinner was a success. With Chad & Abby on staff it was special & with Larry & Sue continuing to help wherever needed this was a special time for me. Bob is here for a year also & he proven to be an excellent carpenter.



I have paraphrased an email I received from Aroldo who is the young man here at Casa who has taken care of the dialysis children since the very first child was given to us. I first want you to understand that some of the children are going down physically very rapidly.

“Hi Dad. How are you? I pray that God will heal your back. God continues to bless me as I do my internship at the hospital working with the children on dialysis. It is very sad to see them suffer pain when their catheter does not function. When they ask me how much longer will they have to hurt it is so sad and I cannot answer.”

“Dad, sometimes I wonder why children ages 7, 11 and 12 have kidney disease. I want to tell you of a little gil age 11 who has been in treatment for 3 years. She has no veins left for them to place another catheter so the doctor told the family she will die and it is best she just stay at home. The mother told me today that when the little girl woke up she told her mother that they had to hurry because they were late for dialysis.”

“Her mother told her ‘Not today’ and began to cry and is still crying the next day as her daughter is dying. I often think that God has a purpose and is in control of everything. But I cry also”.

On Friday, the hospital called to the Casa office to say they have a girl of 16 who have kidney problems. The mom died last year so she is living with a brother and he is asking if we had space. I called them and explained to them that since she is a teenager and maybe we can accept her in January.”

“God bless you Daddy.”

I told him that if the medical doctors would write a letter stating her condition and that she will pass away eventually we would take her. I wish we could open dorms for 100s of these children