Trust in the Lord ….How?

These are the classrooms we will remove in order to construct the hospital
These are the classrooms we will remove in order to construct the hospital


Minor, Melvin & I went to Escuintla to get the candy for Christmas. Each child receives a “goodie” bag along with their gifts.

Melvin is ministering for me Sunday and Sunday afternoon Andres & Estella will bring the wedding participants for rehearsal.

Marjorie & Sindy II are both still in the hospital.


Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lead not unto your own understanding”. Over the years I have had many times where I found His ways difficult to understand. Dottie is such a wonderful Christian, an awesome mother and a super wife so how could God allow her to lose three children to death? Just this morning a teenage girl, here only a month, said to me “Papi, you teach me to forgive my father and I want to do that. But he raped me and I cannot forget what that felt like. Why did God let him hurt me?”

The daughter of Billy Graham, Anne, wrote these words: “I cling to the principle operating in the life of a a child of God that…..

gives meaning to our meaningless—————-and hope to our hopelessness——and reason to our senselessness—–and purpose to our aimlessness—-and strength to our weakness—–and courage to our faintheartedness—and blessed deliverance from our bitterness.

It is a principle ……

that helps balance the pain—————that can remove the sting from our suffering—————-that can prevent us from wasting our sorrows————–that is worth our focused attention.

The spiritual principle is that when a grain of wheat is crushed, buried and dies ONLY to rise again into new life in a stalk of wheat and grows from it, producing hundreds of more grains of wheat.

Paul wrote it this way in Romans 8:28 “We KNOW that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose”.

Dottie triumphed over her broken heartedness and arose to produce thousands of living grains of wheat. She CHOSE to continue and so can you!!!!!!!