The keeper of my soul #4

Lunch time
Lunch time

Today was the best day since getting back. The largest problem was dealt with and it appears we will go forward and attack the other major problem within the week. Walter did a great job.

Celia, Victor’s wife, called the hospital & they said the surgery did not go well and that she can not go visit him until tomorrow. They did not say he was in critical condition so we rejoice in that. Welcome to Guatemala!

We began our seminary again. It has been nearly 5 months due to my sugary. The Tennessee team had a program for the older children.


I have seen 4 circles drawn with the inner circle the smallest and each circle getting larger as it goes outward. In the inner most circle is our WILL. It is in the will that we make decisions and where we say “yes” or “no”. Our will is what makes us choose a job or a shirt or whether to marry or not.

But the will is not good at overcoming habits. I lose and regain weight every time I go on a diet. I cannot grow by shear will power. The will can never make me a spiritual man. Just try to will yourself to pray daily, read your Bible daily or witness daily. The habits and years of patterns that we have developed can never be overcome with the will alone.

The next circle would be where we have our MIND. The Word says that the mind of a sinful man is death. The mind is where you pus your pains and joys, your thoughts and your feelings. The way I think will affect me everyday of my life.

The third circle is where our BODY lives. Our bodies drive the mind and will. Our body tells me when it wants to get out of bed or eat or exercise or what my appetites are.

If you can picture this series of circles then I want you to imagine a large outer circle with the three small circles inside. This is our SOUL. It is the soul that can bring all three–will-mind-body under control and make you into a spiritual being.