Making Decisions #8


Brandon Elias
Brandon Elias

The seniors had their “seminary” which is the presentation to the Department of Education of their project on malnutrition and health. It is good timing with the state of emergency declared by the government because of 500,000 children under age 5 at risk.

Josue’ & Estella took us to lunch.

Tony worked long hours as I had an internet issue that was difficult to solve.


We looked at the fear of failure, the feeling of inadequacy, our past fails and a lack of security as instruments the devil uses to discourage people from stepping out for God. Now, fifth, PRIDE.

When God called us to Guatemala didn’t He realize I had MY family, MY ministry, MY elementary and high schools, MY home for abused children, MY radio show and MY o’MY. Pride is always an enemy of God’s work. I suppose it is the main problem. Denominations reject other denominations because of PRIDE. Even churches of the same denomination reject one another because of PRIDE. People of one race reject people of another race because of PRIDE.

Pride leads to death. It will kill a marriage, a church, a nation, etc. Even the Bible says when we get lifted up in pride destruction follows. Did you ever listen to a beautiful singer who was filled with pride their music felt on spiritually deaf ears? I have. Dottie has made Casa to be what it is much more than what anyone realizes. When we began and had more than 40 children Dottie cooked every meal. She changed diapers, cleaned commodes and I can give you a list most people who are “called” would never do. They want the limelight. If I cannot be the boss I am not going to get involved.

The humility of my wife pleased our Heavenly Father. dottie did not sit and talk about “someday”.  She stepped into a very difficult and 24 hour a day ministry of love. God honored that and she has been Mami to nearly 5000.