The children seemed to enjoy the day of fun and games. Not as many parents came as we had hoped. The mayor brought a marimba band. The teachers all came and sold food and goodies to raise money for the camp the teenagers will attend near the end of the year. Walter planned it well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Josue was able to purchase a car as he continues to works with the Telemedicine project which is expanding into Chicamula.


It may not sound like much but when it was time to feed the 5000 Jesus asked Phillip “Where shall we buy bread for thee people to eat?” Meanwhile Andrew began walking around seeing what he could find. He came upon the lad with the loaves and fishes and although he said “What is this for so many?” at least he tried. As a child of God I assure you that you will not always be successful but what God desires is your step of faith. Andrew did not feed the 5000, Jesus did but at least he tried. One of the reasons I allow kids to continue their education past high school is I want them to at least try. Stepping out is a major part of Christian living.

The fact that he offered such a small amount to Jesus must indicate that he had faith in the Son of God. He could have just shrunk into the crowd as the other apostles did but NO, he took a chance. Where would some of the greatest ministries of God be if someone had not taken a chance. Pat Robertson and CBN comes to mind. He took a chance and God allowed him to build the largest Christian network ever seen. He inspired others to take a chance and there are dozens of great television Christian networks and programs today.

Anyone can sit and wish but that will never get anything from God. Even a teeny tiny piece of faith when placed in the hands go God can move mountains and stir hearts. Oh, I do not want to ever leave this world with regrets of not stepping out and trusting the Lord Jesus.