Aroldo has a heart of gold for his dialysis children
Aroldo has a heart of gold for his dialysis children

The children began the new Saturday tutoring classes. Sixth grade, 9th grade and seniors will be studying Math, Physics as well as language and communication from 1pm to 6pm each Saturday.

Paul was surrounded by godly men and women whose names are not common to most Christians. We have seen that Tychicus was a messenger for Paul carrying the letters to various churches and money to the poor. He was an honest young man and when you read Ephesians 6:21-22 “But that ye also may know my affairs, and how I do, Tychicus, a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, shall make known to you all things:  22 Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that ye might know our affairs, and that he might comfort your hearts you can see that Paul relied on Tychicus to relay to others what was happening with Paul.

But more than that I see the word “comfort” and it is the same word we use for the Holy Spirit”. It is paracletos meaning someone who is called to come alongside of us and help. I have been so blessed to have had people standing next to me when I was needing help.

Years ago I was at the University of Florida studying for my doctorate. There was an ungodly professor there who did everything he could to cause me to leave. He hated Christians and since I would challenge his foolish prater he detested me. He believed that anyone who was “different” such as blind, retarded, crippled, etc should be put to death. He openly told other professors and students that he would see to it I never graduated.

After finishing all of my courses and passing the two day written examination I lacked only the oral exam. Normally, a doctorial candidate met with his 3 major professors in a small conference room and only a handful of students attended. When I came to the conference room there was a note posted saying that my orals had been moved to the auditorium. I entered o see over 300 students and professors because they knew this professor’s hatred for me.

The first 3 hours went well as the other two professors asked what would be considered the basics for my field of special education and psychology. Finally the moment came as Dr Cunningham asked professor X (X meaning devil) if he had questions. He responded with “I only have one question”.

He said “I want you to imagine that you are director of medicine for the state of Arizona and that it has been proven without doubt that a fetus can be examined and determined if the child will be blind, mentally retarded, ill with cancer or some other disease and you must go before the State senate and debate FOR abortion because children with these  problems are worthless and contribute NOTHING for our economy.” He was smart! He knew I would never under any conditions debate in favor of abortion. Students leaned forward to see what I would say. I was stunned and realized that without his approval my doctorate was dead in the water.

I looked over at Dr. Cunningham who was smoking his usual giant cigar and he WINKED—yes he WINKED!!! I felt empowered. I thought for a second and the Holy Spirit said these words out of my mouth. “Dr. Devil you are 64 years old and the state of Florida has an automatic retirement age of 65. So I suppose when you turn 65 we can kill you because you will not contribute anything to our economy.” The place exploded with applause. Even Dr. Devil laughed and he reached over and signed the necessary paper work for me to receive the doctorate.

It was a WINK! Only a WINK! But it was encouragement by a friend walking beside me. Tychicus was that type of man.