We are not a perfect family, but we believe God has a purpose for us, and uses our family as instruments to serve and transform lives through our actions and words.  Our role is serving as house parents for 13 – 16 year-old girls in the Esperanza Down dorm.  The girls are very important in our lives and hope they see this through our love and patience.

We came to Casa some 15 years ago knowing it was a safe place for our family. Now, we feel privileged to serve and to return a little of what Casa has done for our family.

Last, I want to thank everyone for the help you provide to Casa and for being a part of this ministry. This is a place where children’s lives are transformed for the good and thank you for helping make this possible.  Should you be considering a missionary opportunity, Casa Aleluya is a place that can change your life. The love from the kids will make you feel at home and the experience will make you value everything in your life even more.