Problems yesterday

Happy anniversary
I cried so the baby would stop crying.

The following is a repeat from yesterday that did not publish.

Our boys were playing soccer, and the Maryland team went to watch and one of the players had a heart attack and died. Three members of the team had medical backgrounds and tried to save him. Estella and Jessica worked on items for the board as well as getting our passports renewed. A man came by who was a teacher here 20 years ago. He brought money because he said he stole from me, and his conscious has bothered him all these years.

New day:

21st: Board members Estella and Jessica left after getting a very large amount of legal needs met.

The Maryland and Clarksville teams are doing so much work.

We are installing an electric gate so Dottie and I can drive right up to the front door of the new house. The house should be completed in 3 months.