Angel and Claudia

Claudia, raised here at Casa came with her husband, Angel, and 30 plus members of their churches youth outreach. They truly blessed the children. They played games that even the older young adults enjoyed. They led worship and followed with a sermon that truly was effective.

So many of those raised here are now married are strong church members and are serving others.

You must remember that we have been here 34 years so if they came then they are now 40 years old and some even 50. To me they are still my children.

We need strong couples who want to be house parents. It would be wonderful if it could be like it was before Covid when we had so many couples and fellowship.

The weather has been strange as we had two nights of lightening strikes and bouncing from very cool to hot. Of course Dottie loves the night rains for her flowers.

He saw you, picked you, and placed you. “You did not choose me. I chose you” John 15:16. How great is that? The Creator knows me. Hallelujah!