Words of wisdom

It is amazing how fast time moves. There are 66 books in the Bible. I have chosen to take 6 books at a time and in eleven weeks teach how each book shows how God loves us. For instance Genesis tells me He fashioned me with His hands while Exodus tells how he delivered me from slavery.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a child of God? God loves us so much. I stand in awe of His love for me.

Dottie went on a cleaning spree sweeping and mopping the upstairs. So she is doing much better with her balance.

With Christine leaving Wednesday it only emphasizes our needs. We need dorm parents, substitute dorm parents as floaters. We need an English teach in the school. We desperately need a handy man (jack-of-all-trades). I also need someone to help with Christmas.

I would love to have someone who can preach and teach the Word in Spanish.

Spurgeon said, “May I never cease to call upon Your name, my God. When I fall to the very bottom of the deepest, darkest place, let my hope trust in You. Help me to hold fast to You in prayer.”