New Children

Today was family day so many parents visited. We also received 3 new children. The older boys had stripped the two bathrooms and so the team arrived last night and began the renovation this morning.

One of the children adopted from Casa years ago is Yaya and yesterday she began nursing college in California. What a blessing!

I reread one of my biographies of George Muller who was born in 1805 and died in 1890.  Without ever asking anything from anyone he cared for over10,024 children; established 117 schools and gave Christian education to 120,000 children. In today’s money he received $106 million. The blessings came from faith alone. He only spoke to God. 

The ministry lasted until 1950. It reached 5000 more children after he died. Dottie and I visited his ministry in Bristol on our 25th anniversary and met the last child he prayed for in 1890.