Where did it go?

School starts today (Friday) by remote. Pray that the children will watch their teachers virtually and pay attention. For some children sitting still is not a skill they have learned.

I awoke this morning and immediately thought the following. “Make your life worthwhile”. 

It is unbelievable that in three months Dottie will be 79 and I will catch up to her in July.

There are so many things that have happened in our 59 years of marriage. But I know we could have done more. We could have cared for more children, built more churches, pastor’s homes and Sunday school buildings. Where did the years go? I could have done more and done it better.

Josue’ and Dorcas along with our lawyer are preparing contracts for this year of 2022.

Last week we sent over a dozen older young people to spend a week visiting their families. Three have tested positive and all are in quarantine. They only have mild symptoms.