Praise the Lord

Aleluya!! The Lord has done it again. Andres and Estella are going to become house parents for Vencedores. Estella was raised here and lived in our home in order to help Dottie with Michelle. They own two businesses in the city. He will go every morning to the city and return in early evening.

Estella’s two sisters will manage her business.

God is so great and as usual I was worried about nothing.

I have been so excited that I began recording radios shows  and made 10 weeks (50 lessons). I only stopped because I need more tapes.

We had another two college students leave due to the Covid. They have jobs but I sure wish they would have spent another year in  college. Guatemala will again have classes on line and that is just too hard for so many kids of all ages.

Bob is leaving Casa so we no longer have a carpenter and handy man. We ask you to pray that God will give us someone even part time because I know nothing about those things.