We are in for a rough time as they are constructing a massive turn-around over pass in San Lucas. It is right in front of the entrance to the town so that means there will be traffic jams and folks will have to drive on one lane roads each way causing much frustration. Turning can only be done by driving miles past the construction and returning on a single lane road with heavy traffic.

Cristine left for a month long visit with her family.

Celia had a wreck while taking a child to court. No one was hurt but the car is totaled. We had liability insurance so the other cars were covered but we are without the vehicle we normally use to take children to the hospital or court hearings.

The Doncilla’s girls had a party for Dottie’s birthday. They really went all out to show her their love. . Other dorms did other things.

Dottie’s birtday party with Doncillas