Another wreck

Dottie has gotten a negative reaction to wearing a mask so our  doctor got her a box of 100 masks and a cream so she will change masks daily.

I saw where Tiger Woods (golfer) had a terrible automobile accident. It is almost one year to the day that Kobe Bryant as killed.

Bob has been working on clothes cabinets.

Amy has been helping Kate in the school. Allen & Brenda installed lights in our house.

I am nearing 78 years of age and so I am trying to slow down. The children who were raised here and are now on staff full-time are awesome in their love for the children.

And another beautiful act of love is that some of the children who have left Casa and are working have actually sent either cash or food to help.  

For the third time in 10 days we had a massive wreck in front of Casa. Again it is people making an illegal turn in front of our gate rather than drive 10 minutes  further where there is a legal turn around.

My two sisters, Charlotte and Virginia