Many salvations

Today I was studying verse 3:4 from the book of Joshua. He tells us “You have not passed this way before”.

There is no doubt that in my 77 years there has never been a year like 2020.

It seems as though God just took the world I was raised in and turned it upside down. Probably no one alive has gone this way before. Covid-19, violence in politics, legal attacks against churches and Christians, sinful sexuality, wildfires, loss of jobs, children unable to go to school, race issues beyond belief, almost double the murder rate from other years and I am sure you can think of other areas.

We had one of the best services this morning as I just folded up my sermon and spoke from my hear. Dozends of children responded. 

The 15 year olds couldn’t go to thehotel so Gergie treated them to two days od blessing