Alex and Sara

Alex & Sara along with their children will take a 6 week vacation which they certainly need. A young pastor’s son, Pablo, will watch over the dorm during that period so pray for he and then the teenage boys in this dorm.

We had a 5.1 earthquake and damage was done to the firehouse in Chimaltenango.

One of our girls from the past has a daughter who just lost her eye to cancer. More opportunity for us to all pray.

We have begun paying off the extra salaries that total over $40,000. Incredibly in the midst of the virus we still are being able to pay our bills. I certainly want to thank all of you who have continued to support us monthly. God is so good and faithful.

Many folks have contacted us and are disappointed that teams cannot come right now. We are trying to so hard to protect staff and children. Please understand our situation. If you want to help you can do it financially because we have lost so much by people not coming.

The teen girls celebrating Gladys’s birthday.