I want to apologize if I appear worried on these updates. God has always told me “What you have you need, what you do not have you do not need”.

Debbie is stilling doing all of Casa’s business as though she were in Lake Charles. For 31 years God has provided. You can reach Debbie by telephone until she is back in Lake Charles at 337-513-7663.

For 31 years God has protected and provided for Casa and He will not stop. Years ago I drove up to a little church in Hamburg Ark & when I left the car there was a tall man with his sons & that meeting forever changed the life of Casa. I have wonderful stories of how God sent me people including you to make sure that 6000 children would come to Christ. I cannot tell every story but just realize how much Dottie and I love and appreciate you.

Boys versus girls in ping pong