Scared (#391 our story)

We received a donation of 350 masks from Claudia and her husband.

I had a little spell yesterday falling twice but the worst thing was as Dottie and I were saying our evening prayer I could not remember names. I mean I could not remember my children, sisters or board. So Dottie was so upset she stayed up for hours praying for me & reading about strokes. But I am doing fine today.

I suppose the last 5 years have been the most stressful of my life. The death toll in Guatemala is 23.


4/5/2004. Dottie and I visited Pacixic where we are building a church. The wife of the pastor shared her testimony. It demonstrates how a family should be. When she married her husband neither of them was saved. After his salvation she told us she watched his life as he became a Godly man. She told us that finally occurred to her that God was real. Isn’t that an awesome testimony of a changed life and what it can accomplish?

A year ago from today a truck ran over her leg and crushed it. The physicians wanted to amputate the leg but she refused. She was in the hospital for 10 months and one night she had a dream where she heard Jesus say, “Build me a church”. She stood up and walked out of the hospital. This is the church we are building.

4/6. We took a little girl, age 7, to court so she could give her testimony of being raped by her father. There will be a trial and se will have to testify with him sitting there. She is so frightened. As a note here she did testify and her father received a 20 year sentence.