#390 our story

The government backed off in that they are not going to cut off electricity & water for those who cannot pay. They did extend the quarantine & the curfew so we are looking at another rough week.

The virus cases continue to grow but the death toll remains at only 17.

Delmy & Glenda who were sisters raised at Casa got us another donation of 2500 lbs. of flour.

A special treat

4/4/2004. I have learned so much about true Christianity in my years here. As I write this in 2020 it reminds me of a special girl Anna T. who was physically abused by her father. She ran away and found an uncle who then raped her. She went to a policeman and he took her to a judge who detailed 3 policemen to bring her to us. They raped her in the truck. I called the judge and he had the policemen arrested & a few months later there was a trial and they were convicted. When she came here she said two things that I will never forget.

First, she came and sat on my lap and I hugged her and she said, “You are the first person to ever hold me”. Then later she would said, “I had never had a happy day in my life until I came here”. Today, 2020, she is married and has a child. Recently she came by to introduce me to her baby.

We fight wars here at Casa. First, we fight for the souls of the children. So many have never known love so feel that God could never love them. Secondly, we fight the courts and the unjust decisions by judges. Thirdly, we live in a fish bowl where everyone knows us and there are attempts to kidnap kids or rob staff. We also fight daily for our families back home. It is so difficult to be so far away from our parents, children or grandchildren.