Birthday girl

Dottie celebrated her birthday by ordering fried chicken.

Georgie & the kids had ice cream & cake for her.  Each year we have celebrated her birthday by taking three days off & she just rests. Not this year!

I continue to make radio shows.

Bob said we received 9 inches of rain last night. 

The birthday girl


3/20/2004. A bus hit Vilma today. She has no broken bones but is terribly bruised and sore. A pastor from Zimbawee Africa called to ask if he could come next month to visit us. He said that he had heard me speak at Asbury College. He wants me to go and set up a home there. I cannot do it. His ministry is to children dying from AIDS and I could not be able to handle my emotions. It takes a special kind of love and my heart would be constantly broken watching children die. Estella received her scholarship for the semester at Union. The president of Union had told me that they would be certain to see that she will graduate there.

3/21. Today I was called by the first lady of Guatemala and asked to come to her office. This will be my first visit to the palace under the new administration. We are all praying that God will give us the same favor with this first lady as he has done with the other three. When I arrived there she told me she knew about the many containers shipped to us from the states and wanted to assure me that she will continue the practice with us of not paying taxes.

Ralph C. from Oklahoma who donated our water well dropped by with a large generator to donate to Casa. There were 4 court hearings today about children being sent here who are terribly abused. Two children did arrive. They are a young boy and a young girl both who were raped by their father.