#389 our story

Well, we have come to the end of the month I thought I would never see in my lifetime.

I do want to thank all of you again for praying & giving for the children. The children have plenty to eat & are studying on line as well as taking shifts in the kitchen, baby dorm, guard house, clinic & whatever is asked of them.

Not one child has been ill this month. God is so faithful.

I made 2 years of radio shows because I was bored but also want to be sure I have programs for KAJN.

Blanca is the director of the baby dorm & doing an awesome job.

4/1/2004. After 7 years of being solid rocks at Casa Steve and Sheryl have moved on. Dottie and I love them dearly and will miss them tremendously. God sent them to us just when we were building the baby dorm that Steve would design and Sheryl would oversee the 120 babies and toddlers who would live there. I still miss them as I type this in 2020.

4/2. The sun did rise today so God is still on the throne. The laws in the Guatemalan courts have changed so much so I needed a fluent Spanish speaking helper. Carlos fit the bill. 

4/3. Last year I had trouble with Telma academically. She was terrible. I dropped Dottie off at one school to get Olga’s report card while I drove to Telma’s school truly believing I was going to be embarrassed and disappointed. When I entered the school the director pulled me aside and said, “Your daughter is so special. She has a great attitude and her academics have improved so much”. I was a proud papa.

Last week Estella P., age 12, & her siblings were sent home to their father. But today she was at the gate and the judge sent them back here. Today, 2020, Estella is married to a wonderful Christian man. They have 2 children and are deacons in their church and own their own business. Her brother, Kevin, is studying medicine. He is a dialysis technician and works with Dr. Lou.