#388 our story

A boy delivering pizza was killed for the pizza. People are desperate. In Antigua which is only a few miles from us & where all of the tourists visit now has a rash of home break-ins.

There are so many people without anything.

Michelle, special needs, had a wisdom tooth pulled.

College boys studying on line

3/24/2004.  The congregation church from our church in Chimaltenago came today and brought lunch and then played games and had a preaching service for kids. We are so blessed to have such good friends and a wonderful pastor. The only negative was I broke a tooth. 

3/25. Carlos & Polly took off for a few days.

3/26. It was our turn so Dottie and I took 3 days off vas tomorrow is her birthday & that is always what I try to give her—a day or two of absolute rest. 

3/27. Dottie is 62 today. She wanted a chicken dinner and a movie. I had to leave her in the morning to go get report cards for 14 children and attend a PTA meeting. Vinicio and Oscar were the best students. 

3/28. It was 2 years ago today that Dottie and I were robbed at gunpoint returning from the bank. That was the first of 5 robberies where I had a gun in my face. God protected me as I was never harmed. 

3/29. Our greatest need is that of a maintenance worker. In fact, today in 2020 that is still our greatest need. John and Robyn will be leaving Guatemala when their first child is born and the adoption of the two boys is completed.